Tuesday, February 5, 2008


I will buy a Coldstone Ice Cream for any of you who can identify the Disney villian who said this:
"Taxes! Beautiful, Lovely: Taxes!"
Why this silliness? We did our taxes over the weekend and are getting a return large enough to pay for our trip to Europe! Hooray!
For you avid bloggers out there, I've decided to cut back on my blogging habbit. I will probably only be posting once a week, and then only if there is something really worth posting.
I've decided that much of my frustration with life and my children is a direct result of my poor prioritization. I'm going to focus more on the things have eternal consequences.
But don't worry, I'll still be checking in occasionally.


Lindsee said...

It's either the sherriff of nottingham or Prince John---I am going with my gut instinct, The Sherriff?

Scrap Happy said...

Prince John.

Amy said...

Taxes! Taxes! Beautiful, lovely taxes! Ah-hah! Ah-hah!

Prince John said it in Robin Hood.

Amberly said...

You must be living right- a return that covers your trip is fantastic! Don't desert us all together on this blogging ride...

Amberly said...

I miss you!